Program Liability Policy

I understand that the MPAL will take reasonable precautions against accident, personal injury and loss of, or damage to, property while participating in the program, but that the MPAL does not assume any legal liability for any such occurrence.  I/we assume all risks and hazards incidental to such participation including transportation to or from activities, except to the extent of accident and liability insurance carried by MPAL.  I understand that there are times when my son/daughter may be transported in a State registered, insured passenger van or bus and that the MPAL will take reasonable precautions against accident, personal injury and loss of, or damage to, property while being transported.  I/we do hereby further release, waive, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless MPAL, Montclair Police Department employees, organizers, sponsors, supervisors, participants and persons transporting the listed member to and from activities, from any claim arising out of an injury to the listed member, except to the extent of accident and liability insurance carried by MPAL. 

Liability Release

I/we agree that: In consideration of THIS PROGRAM, allowing myself or our childs participation in these activities, under the terms set forth herein, I /WE, the parents, for ourselves and on behalf of our child(ren) and/or legal ward, heirs, administrators, personal representatives or assigns, do agree to hold harmless, release, and discharge MPAL, its owners, officers, directors, agents, employees, representatives, assigns, members, owners of premises and affiliated organizations, and insurers, and others acting on its behalf (hereinafter, collectively referred to as MPAL), of and from all claims, demands, causes of action and legal liability, whether the same be known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, due to MPALs and/or ITS ASSOCIATES ordinary negligence; and I/WE, the parents, do further agree that except in the event of MPALs gross negligence and willful and wanton misconduct, we are hereby notified that there Is A Risk while participating in MPAL activities, Including Catastrophic Injury or Death and sign this release with full knowledge of this risk. WE (member/parent/legal guardian/family) shall not bring any claims, demands, legal actions and causes of action, against MPAL, its Associates as stated above in this clause, for any economic and non-economic losses due to bodily injury, death, property damage, sustained by me and/or my minor child or legal ward in relation to the premises and operations of MPAL, to include while riding in an approved MPAL vehicle, playing/participating in any MPAL sport/activity, or otherwise while in the care, custody and control of MPAL, whether on or off the premises of MPAL.

Emergency Treatment Policy

In the event of any emergency situation relating to the listed minor child, and I am unavailable, I hereby give my consent to the medical staff of the nearest medical facility to administer emergency medical care as deemed necessary by the facilitys medical staff until I can be notified.  

Equipment Policy

I/we do hereby agree to accept full responsibility for all equipment issued to the player and agree to replace any equipment lost or damaged except for normal wear and tear.  

Program Discipline Policy

All youth participating in MPAL programs have the right to a positive experience. PAL staff and volunteers have the responsibility to ensure the safety and well being of each student participating. Therefore, the following offenses will not be tolerated while in attendance of any MPAL program.

Teasing: repeated and or excessive name-calling, insulting verbal language or gestures that would hurt others feelings, be considered offensive or make students feel bad about themselves. 

Disrespect: lack of respect or courtesy, disregard for following the rules/instruction of staff or program volunteers.

Exclusion:  actions that would cause others to be without friends: starting rumors, telling others not to be friends with someone, not letting someone play on a team or be part of a group.         

Hitting: use of any body part or physical object to inflict pain or injury on another student or a staff/volunteer; as well as any other physical actions determined by the program staff/volunteer that may cause harm to others.                                                        

Fighting: FORCEFUL use of any body part or physical object to inflict pain or injury on another student or a staff/volunteer. May include but is not limited to repeated, punching, kicking, slapping, scratching.     

Violence/Threats/Harassment: any gesture, written, verbal, or physical act that takes place during program that:

1. has the effect of insulting or demeaning any staff/volunteer/volunteer, student or group of students in such a way as to cause substantial disruption in, or substantial interference with the orderly operation of the program.

2. is motivated by actual or perceived distinguishing characteristic, such as race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or a mental, physical or sensory disability, or physical appearance.                 

3. a reasonable person should know, under the circumstances, that the act(s) will have the effect of harming a staff/volunteer or student, damaging a staff/volunteer or student's property or placing a staff/volunteer or student  in reasonable fear of harm to his/her person or damage to his/her property. 

Parent/Guardian will be notified and the student MAY not be allowed to return to the program.

Photograph Consent

Through out the year we will be taking pictures/videos of our MPAL Events.  We may also invite members of the news media to attend certain functions.  We are requesting your permission to release your childs photo and/or video image for publication/airing/use on MPAL website. 

By selecting I GRANT PERMISSION you authorize the MPAL to release photographs/video without any other personal identifiers of your child to the media and for use on the MPAL website. You also release the rights to all photographic materials that MPAL might use for promotional activities without obligation to you or your child.

By selecting I DO NOT GIVE PERMISSION you understand that your child(ren) may be excluded from an activity during the time that photographs/video are bing taken.

Youth participating in MPAL activities are asked to make a commitment to this program and to make every effort to attend all scheduled classes, practices, games, tournaments, and events related to enrolled activity.  If at any point attendance becomes an issue, MPAL reserves the right to substitute another child that is on the waiting list, for the duration of the program/activity without receiving a refund of any registration or participation fees.

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